Sunday, June 11, 2017

DAD (David Allan Design) - Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Some of you may have seen the 3D Printed Tekumel designs that David has been posting on the Tekumel Yahoogroup for a few years now. They are something he has been doing for his own amusement and in a scale that suits his gaming preferences. Now he has agreed to make them available in 28mm scale so that they are compatible with the Tekumel Project metal miniatures. 

His range is comprehensive and in many ways complements the Tekumel Project range. He has, for example, Hlutrgu drummers that fit quite well with our existing Hlutrgu. 

As with all processes, there are limitations. His Pachi Lei are superb IMO but I find his Ssu less good as the prints do not capture the texture of the skin. His Hokun are also quite good but he does not print in clear plastic. I am exploring getting these printed elsewhere. His range is quite extensive and is being added to continuously. And it is not limited to creatures! Boats - variations of my Khmer galleys and war canoes (see my Lohwand blog for details) - and a fast growing range architectural details. 

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Dark Fable's "Legend of Cleopatra" Indiegogo Campaign

Cleopatra and maid servants

Prince of Egypt, Priestess of Isis, Nomarch


Queen of the Black Coast

Mehen (The Snake Game): Eunuch guard playing learned baboon

Dark Fable's latest Indiegogo Campaign, "The Legend of Cleopatra", is in full swing with less than a month to go. This is the 5th expansion (IIRC) to this excellent range. All the figures are useful as proxies for Tekumel. I especially like the Caracals, the Mehen game set, and who can resist the Queen of the Black Coast?

Needless to say I am backing this one, just as I have backed all the others. :-)

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Inspiration for Tékumel - 1000+ Followers!

Just topped 1000 Followers on my "Inspiration for Tékumel" boards on Pinterest. Yay! See the appropriate sideboard in the righthand margin of this page. Now, if only 100% of them were interested in Tékumel, think of that!

I should also note that I recently watched a program that suggested that "followers", "likes", etc are how the Social Media companies get us hooked on their virtual acid. Something to be aware of! :-0

My latest Pinterest board is for colour palettes that I think will be useful in coming up with painting schemes for my Tékumel miniatures.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Mastery of Time and Space!

I've blogged about these before. Lately I've been working on A Band of Joyous Heroes (BOJH) again, so here I am again with some refinements.

I like to use these chopsticks to measure Speed and Distance in some of my games. 

In BOJH movement is continuous unless a figure stops deliberately (ie. to shoot its bow) or involuntarily due to terrain or some other effect. Activation is only required to initiate further movement or perform certain actions; a moving figure will continue to move without requiring activation. The Initiative process governs the turn sequence and determines when continuous movement (CM) occurs and when there is the opportunity to activate figures. I will cover that process in another post. It may happen that you will be struggling to load your crossbow and fire while the messenger runs steadily out of your line of sight. Whether you get a chance to fire depends on how the Initiative works out.

A figure under CM moves at a speed one increment slower than when it was activated. There are five speed and distance increments: DS1 to DS5. These are described below:

DS1 uses the top two(2) small "knuckles" of the chopstick. This is used to represent crawling speed or something very slow like a giant slug or Gelatinous Cube. Actual measurement: 32mm (1.25"). It is the distance one can strike with a polearm such as a naginata or yari. 

DS2 uses the top four(4) "knuckles". This is used to represent a cautious advance or perhaps the pace of an elder walking with a cane. Actual measurement: 65mm (slightly over 2.5"). 

DS3 uses the long, straight section at the bottom. This is typical walking speed and easy throwing distance for something like a baseball. Or a shuriken! Actual measurement: 140mm (5.5"). 

DS4 uses the full length of the chopstick. This is typical running speed and the range I use for throwing things like javelins. It is short range for archery. Actual measurement: 237mm (9-5/16"). I apply a -1 shooting penalty for every DS4 increment beyond the first, out to the range of the weapon. A powerful bow might have a range of 4DS4, meaning it can target figures out to four times the length of the stick. Creatures that move more swiftly than humans may use multiples of DS4 (typically) to measure their movement.

DS5 is actually the same as DS1 in terms of distance but very fast in terms of speed. This represents the strike of a venomous serpent or skilled martial artist.

Regarding the source, I've ordered from these guys several times and the service has been consistently good. Shipping is slow is Economy Service, afterall!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Inspiration for Tékumel - 800+ Followers! :-)

Just topped 800 Followers on my "Inspiration for Tekumel" boards on Pinterest. Woo Hoo! See the appropriate sideboard in the righthand margin of this page. Now, of course, not all are interested in Tékumel. Perhaps it is safe to say that most are not. But at least there is the chance they now know a little bit more about Professor Barker's creation than they once did. Perhaps they will be inspired to explore his world a little further...

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

My Tékumel Bestiary (2): the Nshé and the Hlu'ún

A Nshé, in spherical form.

The Nshé is a sorcerous creation, able to assume a variety of forms. Shown above is its spherical form, one ideal for engulfing its prey. It is an oversized marble called a "soap bubble" which I found in a local game store for about $2 CDN.

I'm going to have to keep my eyes open for other transparent or translucent figures: seven foot tall humanoids, serpents and flat sheets are mentioned as alternative forms, though I am sure the list is more extensive than that.

A Hlu'ún.

A Pathfinder Miniature Mothman makes a perfect Hlu'ún, at least in my opinion anyway. I've been able to find them on ebay at reasonable prices, and one doesn't need that many anyway.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Dark Passage: The Pirate Lords of Háida Pakála

GW Tryanid Carnifex heads

GW Tyranid Hive Tyrant heads

GW Lizardmen Bastiladon (L) 
and Tyranid Exocrine (R) heads

GW Tyranid Tyrannofex (L) and Hive Crone (R) heads

GW Tyranid Tyrannofex heads 
(single variant shown twice)

GW Imperial War Manticore heads

GW High Elf Flamespyre Phoenix heads

GW Lizardmen Stegadon heads

Recently I started working on something I have been thinking of doing for a while. That is, taking bits from existing plastic kits and using them to make faction specific conversions to my Khmer galley and war canoe models. The intent was, and still is, to get proper Khmer and Cham prow and stern posts done. That is just taking a little longer than I had hoped. Still on "the list" though!

Anyway, a little while ago I picked up the heads shown below, sold as bits from a couple of ebay sellers. Given that I only needed the heads, why should I buy the whole kit?!

I have both full versions and cut-down hulls for both the galleys and war canoe models. The galley is 12" long and the war canoe 8".

Full and cut-down galleys

Looking at the bits available, I thought different ones would be suitable for various factions. One faction I am particularly interested in is the Pirate Lords of Háida Pakála. I particularly like the idea of using the GW Tyranid heads with the Háida Pakálan warships. My second choice would be to use them with the Tsolei Islander vessels, but I have found an alternative for them.

Below are the various heads shown blue tacked onto the galley and war canoe hulls. The idea of course would be to use greenstuff (or similar) to build up the hulls to suit. I think that the Tryranid heads make quite fearsome figureheads. Just the sort of thing the Pirate Lords would want!

Exocrine head on a war canoe

Two different Hive Tyrant heads 
on the war canoe

Carnifex head (variant 1)

Carnifex head (variant 2) - note poison sacks!

Carnifex head (variant 3)

Carnifex head (variant 3) 
shown from a different angle

Tyrannofex head shown on galley

Hive Crone head on galley

Hive Crone head on cut-down galley

Tyrannofex head 
shown on cut-down galley

Tyrannofex head variant
on cut-down galley

I mentioned the Islands of Tsolei. My thinking with these is to use GW Lizardmen heads. I've shown the Stegadon heads below, attached to cut-down galleys. I'm also thinking that Saurus Warrior and Temple Guard heads might suffice for the war canoes but don't yet have any to test the idea.

Stegadon head variants
on cut-down galley

Lastly, I think that the War Manticore and Phoenix heads are well suited for use in more civilized navies. So I am assigning them to the Tsolyáni navy.

War Manticore head variants
on cut-down galley

Phoenix head on full galley

In the next part, I'll describe some of the wilder ideas I have for these vessels for use with my Dark Passage naval skirmish rules.